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Ógras Climate Justice Project 2020
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Climate Justice Fund
'Climate Justice' is a term used to frame global warming as an ethical and political issue, rather than focusing solely on environmental or physical aspects

Ógras was delighted to be awarded a grant from the Youth Climate Justice Fund, run by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, for the first time in 2020. Former Minister Katherine Zappone said the grant would support youth organisations focused on highlighting the issues surrounding Climate Justice. Ógras did a lot of fun and interesting work to use the grant to make a significant impact, and to provide a useful and meaningful education to our young members so that they they may address this issue  and be empowered to make a positive difference 

to the environment to the world and to humanity!

Fast Fashion

When choosing a subject for the Climate Justice Project Ógras wanted to focus on something topical, interesting and significant to young people, and so we asked our best and most important people to pick that topic - our members! We all agreed that there is lots of discourse around Fast Fashion - or 'Mearfhaisean' as Gaeilge - these days and that it is an issue which is complex, interesting and rich in possibilities, with a lot of potential in terms of what we can do to improve things both personally and in our communities, at school and at home, and to spread the word far and wide. Our members went to work, researching and thinking of worthwhile sacrifices and changes they could make, and of methods to maintain that conscientiousness when it comes to shopping, mending clothes for rewear and not buying from certain brands etc., and of actively implementing them every day. Ógras is very proud of our members for the amount of passion and enthusiasm they bring to every initiative they take part in with us, and there was no difference here. Check out some of the products of the members' labours on Fast Fashion below - you can still see the lasting impact that the subject had on them!

Buaiteoir Ealaín 15-18 - Ciara Bartels 1.jpg
Buaiteoir Ealaín 15-18 - Ciara Bartels 2.jpg
Buaiteoir Scríbhneoireacht 15-18 - Cormac Ó hUrnaigh.png
Aisling 8bl R2 GS Nás 1.jpg

From top: TikTok about Fast Fashion by Róisín; TikTok about customising your clothes by Rós; Art about Fast Fashion factories by Ciara (2 pics); Poem about Fast Fashion by Cormac; Customised hairband by Aisling; TikTok about Fast Fashion by Louise

Climate Justice Competition

As part of the initiative Ógras, in conjunction with, organised a Climate Justice Competition to encourage young people up to the age of 25 to research the many complex and diverse issues surrounding Climate Justice, with 16 recognition awards worth €100 each.

The Competition was a great success and it was extremely difficult for the Ógras team to select winners - there were some entries that brought tears to our eyes!! We were and are extremely proud of our members and the young people of Ireland for the amount of passion, effort and personality they put into their applications, which demonstrate the enthusiasm, ambition and creativity of the Youth of this country, giving us all hope. All entries we received are available to view below - excellent work with plenty of research done, with lots of personal influence and passion on display, and Ógras offers our sincere thanks and congratulations to all  who took part, for their hard work and their efforts in spreading the word about how to care for our beautiful planet!

Entries and winners: 

Competition Ceartas Aeráide Béarla - Sín

Under 12




Leaflet on Ecobricks
Pic Bileog Béarla.jpg
Pic Stól.png

One of the things we implemented as part of the Climate Justice Project is having our Clubs make Ecobricks - or 'Éicibrící' as Gaeilge, as coined by Bláithín of the Ógras team! - and encouraging our members start one at home, at school etc. An Ecobrick is an artificial brick, made by filling a plastic bottle with the pieces of soft plastic that you cannot reuse. Once you have completed some Ecobricks, they can be used to make various things - there are even places in the world where they use Ecobricks to build houses! Ecobricks are a great way to be more conscientious, about how much plastic we use in the first place, and about trying to repurpose any plastic we do have to use. Many

Many Ógras members started an Ecobrick and the Ógras team (with the help of designer Eoghan Fearon) created a leaflet all about Ecobricks to distribute to all our members across the country, with instructions on how to make and properly fill their Ecobrick, and lots of ideas for potential projects to use them for or make with them, for example furniture, art, a dog house etc. etc. You can view or download the leaflet for print HERE, (Irish language version HERE) and and have a wealth of extra information on Ecobricks. Join us in being conscientious, creative and energy-conservative to make a positive change for the Climate!

Workshops and posters

Also as part of the Climate Justice Project, Ógras staff and members attended, arranged and facilitated workshops about Climate Justice focusing on waste management, how to implement positive and conscientious change in our day-to-day lives and spreading the word to ensure that our work on the project could continue for long after we officially finished up. You can download and view our powerpoint presentation from our Climate Justice Workshops here, and below are some examples of posters, literature and workshop materials we used to inspire change and activism in Ógras clubs:

Ceardlann Athchúrsáil 18.02.21.jpg
beirt bhan.jpeg
Ceartas aeráide anois.jpg

Ógras enjoyed every aspect of the Climate Justice Project 2020, and are delighted to be taking part in 2021 as well! Keep an eye on our social media, website and Newsletter for updates on Ógras's Climate Justice Project 2021, and please do get in touch with any suggestions or ideas you have, or even to get involved yourself!

Ní neart go cur le chéile :)

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